One Baby Item that Saved My Nights as a New Mom

One Baby Item that Saved My Nights as a New Mom photo 0

Mommies are worriers. Itamp; s in our nature. We stress over every little thing because we want to make certain that our children more than happy, safe, and healthy and balanced.

So, if you can locate something that would certainly help you quit from stressing simply a little bit and also offer you some peace of mind, would certainly you? Yeah, thatamp; s what I believed. So allow me tell you why you require an Owlet Smart Sock.

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The Evening Time Struggle

When my son was birthed, I never ever thought that I would certainly be the kind of mother that would certainly freak out regarding ensuring he was taking a breath 100 times a night, however I did. I had heard all of the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Disorder) warnings as well as I was just horrified that something was going to take place to him.

Assuming like this was making my already restricted rest become missing. I was worn down and determined, so I did what any type of mom would certainly do at 2am, I consulted my good friend Google. I did some looking about how to avoid SIDS to see if there was something a lot more that I might be doing.

I had actually currently set up my house as a “& ldquo; secure rest & rdquo; setting by not having any kind of coverings or toys in my childamp; s bed. I additionally attempted to maintain the temperature level at a comfortable level as well as ensured that he got on his back, but I seemed like I might do more.

My Saving Elegance

After that I located it, the Owlet Smart Sock Baby Screen. This was what I was trying to find. It resembled the clouds split and the angels were singing to me. I recognize thatamp; s a bit remarkable, yet as an extremely exhausted as well as burnt out mother, thatamp; s how it really felt

. I did as much research as my sleep addled mind would permit and afterwards struck the BUY NOW button. It turned up in 2 days many thanks to my handy-dandy Prime membership, as well as I was thrilled.

I spent all of 3 mins setting it up because it was so stinking simple. The sock links to an app on your phone and itamp; s packed with all these valuable video clips about exactly how to set it up, seeing to it that the sock is positioned properly, and also making sure you recognize regarding the different alarm systems and also just how to review the info.

What is an Owlet Smart Sock?

If you arenamp; t accustomed to the Owlet Smart Sock after that let me tell you just how freaking awesome this thing is! It is simply what it seems like, itamp; s a sock that goes on your child & s foot. Well, even more like a wrap, yet you understand. The Smart Sock is utilized to track your child & s heart rate and also oxygen levels while he rests.

How Does the Owlet Smart Sock Work?

In the sock there is a little gadget that checks your infantamp; s heart price as well as his oxygen degrees using pulse oximetry. If either of the degrees drops as well reduced or raises too high, after that an ungodly seeming alarm will certainly go off on the base terminal along with the app on your phone to let you know to obtain your butt up as well as go check on your child.

My Experience with the Owlet Smart Sock

I attempted it out that night and also was impressed with how it functioned. I simply placed the sock on my kidamp; s foot (he didn & t appear to care at all)and also hit the button as well as it started tracking.

The base station shines a soft green light when it is keeping an eye on so it was very easy for me to inspect it throughout the evening to make sure that infant J was fine. I might additionally simply open the application as well as promptly see his oxygen levels and his heart price.

And also if they occurred to go outside the regular array, then an alarm would certainly sound on the base station along with my phone to ensure that I woke up to be able to get to the baby in time.

While I still really felt the demand to check on him several times an evening, I didnamp; t need to dominate his baby crib like a crazy person attempting to see if he was breathing in the dark. I additionally didnamp; t have to risk waking the adorable, little stick of dynamite either.

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At some point, I even got to the point where I didnamp; t need to wake up at night to check the monitor. I trusted that it was functioning and also watching on my baby in the evening to ensure that I might much better keep an eye on him during the day. The peace of mind that this product offered me was just past my imagination.

Owlet Smart Sock Frequently Asked Question

Since you might not intend to simply take my word for it, below are a few concerns that you may have about the Smart Sock.

  • Is the Owlet Accurate?

The pulse oximetry technology that is made use of is the same that is made use of at your doctoramp; s office. It & s in the little clip that your doctor puts on your finger. A tiny light lusters through your skin to test the amount of blood flow as well as oxygen degrees based upon how much light is sent to the sensing unit.

According to Owletamp; s website, the technology made use of in the Smart Sock is confirmed pulse oximetry and meets the worldwide pulse oximetry requirements for precision.

  • Can You Make Use Of the Owlet Without WiFi?

Yes. The base terminal connects with the sock via Bluetooth. WiFi is needed if you want to utilize the app on your phone, yet the base station is still readied to alert you of any kind of issues even without Wi-fi connectivity.

This uses some actually fantastic satisfaction if you are ever fretted about your phone dying or your net heading out in the middle of the night.

  • Does Owlet Minimize SIDS?

While the Owlet Smart Sock itself does not stop SIDS, it can definitely help reduce the chance of that happening since it will certainly have the ability to notify you to any type of modifications in your babyamp; s heart price or breathing patterns.

To aid ensure your childamp; s health and wellness and well being while heamp; s asleep, see to it that you are complying with the risk-free rest practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Your baby ought to be alone, on his back, and in a crib.

The Owlet Smart Sock can assist, yet only you can avoid SIDS.

  • Is the Owlet Safe?

Yes. Pulse oximetry has been made use of in hospitals because the 1980s, as well as has not been revealed to have any kind of results, and the frequency of the Bluetooth is Reduced Energy. The Bluetooth isnamp; t always on. It is used regularly to update your phoneamp; s app. The radio waves that the tool generates are also more than 20 times below that of mobile phones. The Owlet Smart Sock is completely secure for your infant.

  • Is the Owlet Covered By Insurance?

Regrettably, no. Considering That the Owlet Smart Sock is a consumer product, it is not covered by insurance policy. If you have an FSA or HSA strategy though, you can utilize that to buy the Smart Sock.

  • How Do You Maintain the Smart Sock On?

The trick is to make certain that the sock is limited sufficient on your childamp; s foot without being extremely tight. The Smart Sock will certainly feature three various dimensions to fit your baby approximately 25 pounds, or around 18 months. Each childamp; s foot is one-of-a-kind though.

My son has very long, slim feet so he had the ability to put on the dimension 1 sock much longer than originally suggested by the producer. And I never needed to utilize the dimension 3 sock on him. Donamp; t be afraid to go against the referrals a little if you locate that the size youamp; re intended to utilize doesnamp; t quite in shape.

  • How much time Does the Owlet Sock Stay Charged?

The Smart Sock has a battery life of 18 hrs, so you shouldnamp; t need to fret about it running out of fee in the center of the evening. You will need to make sure that it is billed throughout the day however.

I also always found it to bill extremely swiftly. I would take the sock off in the early morning when my child awakened and put it on charge. By the time he awaited his early morning snooze, it was typically already charged.

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The Pros


Knowing that there was a second set of eyes (in a manner of speaking) on my boy at night offered me much more convenience than I ever could have visualized.


The Smart Sock and also the base terminal are small and lightweight making them extremely mobile. My boy as well as I did a reasonable little taking a trip before he transformed 6 months old. I took the Owlet Smart Sock with me on every journey.

It was simply an easy matter of connecting it to the Wi-fi in the hotel to ensure that I might obtain the app readings. Also without that though, given that the Bluetooth was still connected to my phone, it was always functioning.


I never ever as soon as thought that there was any kind of trouble with the accuracy of my Smart Sock. All of my boyamp; s analyses matched up to what I saw from him at the medical professionalamp; s workplace in addition to the recommendations for a regular variety for his age.

It also ended up being extremely simple for me to be able to inform when he was asleep simply by seeing what his heart price degree was. I didnamp; t have a video clip display (though I desire I did), so having the ability to inform if he was genuinely asleep or still agonizing was extremely practical for me.

My Partner and I Might Both Use it

I enjoy the truth that my other half and I might each have the ability to see my sonamp; s statistics on our own devices all at once. We each simply required to download and install the totally free Owlet application and afterwards authorize right into the account. From there, all of my kidamp; s data was available for each people. It was fantastic!

The Disadvantages


Though I directly have not run into this concern, I have actually spoken with others about the concerns of running the Owlet with several infants. If you have doubles, for instance, you will need to have two separate base stations and also the app working on two separate tools to be able to check both children at the same time. I can see just how that can get aggravating.

Hopefully Owlet will certainly have an option for that soon.

Only Works When Infant is Sleeping

The Smart Sock is only suggested to be made use of when your baby is asleep. So, when your child gets up and starts moving around, the sock will no more be tracking. The application will tell you that your baby is shaking as well as the analyses are not able to come through.

There arenamp; t any alerts for this, it simply indicates that youamp; ll need to supervise of seeing your baby rather than the Smart Sock during the day.

A Word of Caution

The Owlet Smart Sock is not to be made use of instead of risk-free sleeping methods. Moms and dads are cautioned to not obtain excessively reliant on the Smart Sock and begin placing your child in undesirable sleeping circumstances such as on his tummy or by bed sharing.

There are numerous, really easy steps that you can take to keep your baby secure and also making use of an Owlet Smart Sock is simply among them.

Is the Owlet Smart Sock Worth it?

I totally as well as totally suggest this product to any person and everybody that has a new child or is about to.

I have actually listened to some horror tales regarding children that have actually passed away either as a result of SIDS or merely by being in a harmful resting setting by mishap. Those infantamp; s deaths can have been quit with the Owlet Smart Sock as well as itamp; s just terrible to think about what those family members have actually experienced.

Donamp; t allowed something horrible like that take place to you as well as your youngster. Assist shield your baby in the evening. Allow the Owlet Smart Sock assistance.

Are you intending on obtaining an Owlet Smart Sock? Leave me a comment listed below or sign up with the discussion in our Facebook group.

Until following time!

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