The Only Freemie Review You Need Plus Tips and Tricks to Use it

The Only Freemie Review You Need Plus Tips and Tricks to Use it image 0

One of the worst features of pumping breast milk, besides the pumping itself, is trying to determine exactly how to pump and still obtain things done.

There were days when all I did was just rest as well as pump. In between pumping and also taking care of my infant, I didnamp; t accomplish anything else.

And also while those other things arenamp; t always one of the most vital things to consider, it can be actually frustrating to never feel in addition to things.

Thatamp; s why I & m writing this Freemie testimonial to inform you that there is light at the end of the pumping tunnel.

If I can figure out exactly how to make it work, you can too.

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What is the Freemie Bust Pump?

The Freemie Flexibility Double Electric Bust Pump is the only complete electric bust pump that enables you to pump without taking your clothes off.

I donamp; t learn about you, but having to strip down whenever I require to pump is truly frustrating. The Freemie system gets rid of that issue.

Along with having the capability to purchase the complete bust pump system, you also have the option of simply obtaining the Freemie Collection Cups themselves and also using them with the pump you already have.

This is actually what I did.

Exactly How do Freemie Collection Cups Job?

The Freemie Collection Cups function similarly that your regular breast pumpamp; s collection system would

function. The only real difference is that you position the “& ldquo; containers & rdquo; in your bra rather than needing to have them hanging off of you.

This makes pumping while needing to be handamp; s free

a lot easier. I utilized my Freemie & s at work, while driving, when playing with my boy, also while food preparation or simply watching television. There are a million opportunities.

What Pumps are Freemie Cups Compatible With?

The Freemie Open-System Cup Establish includes a connection package to fit with several breast pumps, including:

  • Medela Personal
  • Medela Pump in Style Advanced
  • Medela Lactina
  • Medela Harmony
  • Hygeia Enjoye
  • Hygeia Q
  • NUK Expressive Double Electric

The Freemie Mugs are not presently compatible with the Medela Freesyle, Medela Swing, or the Medela Sonata bust pumps.

If you get the separate link kit, the Freemie is also suitable with the:

  • Ameda Totally Yours
  • Ardo Calypso
  • Evenflo Advanced
  • Lucina Melodi Prime
  • Philips AVENT
  • Spectra S9 Plus
  • Spectra M1
  • Spectra S1
  • Spectra S2

The Difference in the Freemie Open and also Closed

In an effort to take care of every person, Freemie makes 2 various collection up sets. An open system, and a closed system.

The distinction between and open system and a closed system is that the shut system has an obstacle inside of them to keep the milk from travelling through into television leading to the pump.

The Only Freemie Review You Need Plus Tips and Tricks to Use it image 1

There are a number of breast pumps around that are shut system breast pumps as well as this special barrier makes the Freemies suitable.

Pumps like the Spectra S1 and also Spectra S2 are closed system pumps, where as pumps like the Medela Pump stylishly Advanced is an open system.

Is the Freemie Pump Covered by Insurance Policy?

A lot of insurer will certainly cover the Freemie Flexibility Bust Pump, yet usually they will not cover the separate collection mugs if you have actually currently obtained a breast pump via insurance policy.

It is finest though to talk to your individual insurer to validate. You may have the ability to obtain both relying on your insurance coverage.

Fill out this kind with Aeroflow to see what you get approved for.

The Number Of Ounces Does the Freemie Hold?

Each of the Freemie cups holds up to 8 ounces of milk. I have found though that emptying out the cups prior to they strike this level and afterwards continuing to pump if need be makes them a little less complicated to use.

When they are chock-full, you will most likely be more likely to splash some and also squandering that liquid gold unnecessarily will simply drive you crazy.

You also have a higher chance of leaning too far over and obtaining milk in the tubes if the mugs are chock-full. So youamp; ll simply need to keep an eye on them.

Freemie Benefits And Drawbacks

Just like with any product, there are some pros and cons to the Freemie system that you should understand about.


  • Able to pump with your clothes on
  • Freemie Freedom pump is extremely peaceful
  • Mugs can be used with various other pumps
  • Easy to clean and put together
  • A true hands-free experience


  • Funnels just come in two sizes
  • Milk can occasionally return up in the tube
  • Need to be wearing the right sort of bra

What if the Freemie Cups are Too Big?

The bust channels that are made to fit the Freemie Cups only can be found in 25 mm and also 28 mm dimensions. This can make it harder if you resemble me and also need a smaller sized dimension.

While it is possible to pump with a larger dimension, you will possibly be a lot more comfortable as well as in fact get out even more milk if you are using the right sized flange.

Thankfully there is an option.

You can pick up these awesome little inserts that fit best inside the channel. I personally utilize a dimension 19 breast shield, so these points worked perfectly for me.

You simply move the little silicone item right down inside the funnel and also it makes it the appropriate dimension. No more troubles.

If you havenamp; t identified your correct breastshield size, after that absolutely have a look at this guide.

Tips for Utilizing the Freemie Collection Cups

If you do make a decision to offer the Freemie system a try, below are some fantastic ideas to make points easier.

Donamp; t Lean Onward If you lean also far forward while using the Freemie Cups, after that the milk wonamp; t have the ability to drain pipes correctly. This will wind up causing milk to recede into the tubes.

Itamp; s simple option, simply kick back and also kick back while youamp; re putting on

them. If you do obtain milk in televisions, simply clear out with warm water and also enable to dry. You can basically whip those points around like a lasso to aid obtain most of the wetness out. Then just affix the tubes to your pump and run it for a few mins. The dampness ought to all be gone in no time at all.

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Wear a Limited Bra

Compression is vital for making the Freemies truly work due to the fact that you need a limited seal to ensure that the suction remains solid enough.

Use a bra that is a little tighter fit to assist with that.

You shouldnamp; t have excessive problem if you wear a structured bra as opposed to a soft nursing bra. I really had a nursing sporting activities bra that functioned the most effective for me.

It was simple to get the cups in considering that it can come reversed easily, yet given that it was a sports bra it was naturally a little tighter when wearing it.

That was my preferred, yet any other tight-fitting bra will function just great.

A Container Top and an Open-Front T shirt

While you can practically put on anything with the Freemies since you put onamp; t need to actually take your garments off, the simplest clothing that I found was an easy storage tank top with an open-front shirt. Something like a switch down or a loosened shirt.

This way I had simple access to my boobs to place the cups on, however I could still stay completely covered. I wore a clothing like that daily at the office when I was pumping. It made the process so much less complicated as well as implied that I can continue working without needing to bother with people seeing me.

My Point of view of the Freemie Flexibility

I obtained a set of Freemie Collection Cups a couple of months right into my pumping journey. I had actually been on the fencing regarding making the purchase considering that I couldnamp; t obtain them via my insurance coverage because I had already received a pump.

I was a little unconvinced concerning whether they would truly make things less complicated for me. While I do assume there are points that can be improved upon with the Freemies, I actually really like them.

The suction isnamp; t rather as strong as if I were just utilizing my routine Medela flanges, but I just transformed the suction up a bit and it was great.

Having the ability to easily pump at work or in the automobile without feeling exposed was a really terrific point for me. I likewise utilized them when I had loved ones over. It behaved not having to go off to one more room or try to maintain myself covered with a covering or something.

Though they arenamp; t rather as very discreet as the box cases (youamp; ll primarily have Dolly Parton boobs with them in), I honestly do believe that they made points a lot easier for me. Particularly as my kid aged and also came to be much more active.

He would obtain distracted by the bottles, however he left the Freemies alone. That right there was massive for me. He tended to draw every one of the tubes out of my bottles which simply made pumping a nightmare. I didnamp; t have that trouble with the Freemies.

That is the Freemie Flexibility For?

The Freemie Liberty is for anyone that doesnamp; t intend to have to take off all of their clothing simply to pump.

Any individual that is looking for a means to have a truly hands-free pumping experience without needing to deal with containers dangling out of their t shirt.

The Freemie Collection Cups are for anybody seeking to have an extra soothing pumping experience.

Any person that wishes to pump, yet not have to stress over staying covered while still having the ability to do other things.

Does this sound like you? Are you going to be getting a collection of Freemies? Let me understand in a remark listed below or join the discussion in our Facebook team.

Till next time!

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